We provide nursing, physician, and allied care services as well as healthcare education. In the spirit of providing integrated healthcare services to all our patients, our healthcare professionals often work together in a multidisciplinary health team to provide the best patient outcomes. Below is a brief summary of what each service entails.


Our nursing service is the part of our total health organization focused on satisfying the more continuous care needs of our patients. Our nurses work with our doctors and members of allied disciples such as dietitians, medical social service workers, pharmacists etc. in supplying a comprehensive program of patient care in their homes. In addition, our nurses can accompany patients on visits to other service providers in Ghana and abroad, including for admission stays.


Our medical doctors provide consultations for patients. They ensure that their primary goal of providing quality care for the sick and injured patients, as well as maintaining the health of all patients, is accomplished in a timely fashion. Our doctors can consult with patients in the comfort of their homes or at our office location.

Allied Healthcare

Our allied healthcare services are an integral part of our integrated healthcare approach. This service is provided by a broad range of professionals who complement the care provided by our doctors and nurses. These include a dietician, an exercise physiologist, an occupational therapist, a podiatrist, a speech pathologist, and a number of clinical psychologists.

Health Education

At Phoenix Healthcare, we care that you have the best possible information about personal health practices. Our nurses can provide healthcare education sessions on preventative or curative health practices for companies, schools, churches, families, communities, and other groups.